The UFOV® Assessment

The UFOV Assessment contains three tasks.

  • Task 1: Processing Speed
  • Task 2: Divided Attention
  • Task 3: Selective Attention
Each task takes about 2 minutes to complete. Together, they provide a comprehensive assessment of the useful field of view.

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Computer Setup

Recommended operating systems

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OSX 10.12+
Tablets are not recommended for this assessment.

Recommended browser

The assessment has been optimized to work on the latest version of Google Chrome.

Display refresh rate

The display refresh rate should be set to 60 Hz.

Viewing Distance

The assessment must be viewed from the correct distance. The distance depends on the
height of the display area of the monitor used and can be calculated as follows:
Distance = 2.1 * height of viewable area
Example: For a monitor with a viewable area height of 10 inches, the user should view the display at a distance of 21 inches.